I Need Balloons For A Photo Shoot

Balloons for PhotoshootWe get a lot of requests for balloons for photo-shoots, sometimes they are to be used just as a backdrop to the photos and sometimes they feature as a more important part of the photograph.  When you are organising a photo-shoot just give us a call or drop us an email and we will do our best to help and advise you of the sort of options that you have available to you.

On the right hand side we see a photo of some balloons we printed for the North Belfast Community Transport organisation (Sorry it’s not a great photo 🙁 we scanned it from a newspaper clipping).  This is a 3ft balloon printed on two sides with the same image, in this case it was inflated with air and hand held rather than the more common method of inflating the balloon with helium gas and having it float.  This wasn’t my idea originally but I think it works really well, especially since it uses te dead space at the bottom of the photograph.

Other benefits are that it keeps the costs down a little as this size off balloon uses a lot of helum which can get pretty expensive, the balloons can also be inflated well in advance with no fear of the balloons going down due to the helium leaking out

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