Lead time for personalised printed balloons

Printed Balloons For Choco-Bloc

We are often asked the question ‘How long does it take for the personalised balloons’.

Our normal answer to this is that our lead time is about a week from approval of artwork and receipt of payment.   Mind you this answer isn’t always true, sometimes it is longer and most times it can be less, sometimes much less.

The lead time can stretch out abit in very busy periods but usually it is when we are on holiday (whats a holiday I hear my family ask).

We can usually provide you with your personalised printed balloons in less than a week if you need them that quick, we have on occassion printed balloons on the day we get the order, although please don’t rely on this type of service as we can’t often do that and when we can it is usually for small amounts of printed balloons.

One of the things that tends to cause problems is when people order printed balloons but don’t tell us when they want to use them, quite often by saying that they are needed asap.  To us asap means as soon as we cet all of the urgent work done.  For example if I have some personalised balloons which need to be done asap and another order of printed balloons to be delivered tomorrow then the asap job will be done second.  So if your job needs to be done quickly then tell us when you need to have your balloons printed.

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