Printed Balloons for Church Organisations



This past two weeks we have been printing balloons for different church organizations.  It good to see our balloons coming alive. Also seeing the photographs on their facebook as they are being used.



Printed balloons are a great way for churches to get their message out to people in a friendly, non-threatening way, we have had lots of feedback from different organisatios whaere we are told that by using the printed balloons it is easier to talk to people and they tend to be less defensive.  Of course this is where they are used in an outreach type of situation, thay are also used by churches and youth groups asimage an internal tool, as an aid to teaching, to demonstrate a point or just for fun.


The design of your printed balloon is important, you will have to think about what type of message you are trying to get across, is it a gospel message, information about your church or group, information about an event that is being held by your organisation.  Whatever the purpose of the information or design I think it is very important to keep the message strong but short and too the point, you can see with the examples here that they are easy to read and easy to understand.


On many occassions I have noticed that the initial request for church related printed balloons tends to be, lets say, a little long winded, I am often asked to include the name of the church/organisation, a passage of scripture, a book chapter and verse, a graphic, a motivational imagemessage not to mention the address, email , website and telephone number.  I’m not saying you can’t fit it all in, I’m saying that most times you shouldn’t fit it all in, it just complicates the message and makes it hard to read.


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