Quick Turnaround Printed Balloons

This has been a very busy couple of weeks, it’ts good to see.  We have had lots of queries from our websites, on the phone, from Facebook, from Twitter and even via Text (Hi Anne :-).

Our clients are from all walks of life from political parties to art groups to businesses selling everything from gravel to cupcakes.  We also get lots of ordinary people who are using personalised printed balloons to help them celebrate all the milestones of their lives, everything from births, to weddings and sadly sometimes the passing away of a loved one, it’s what we call the full hatch, match, and despatch service.  Of course there are countless other occassions that people use our personalised balloons for, engagement parties, anniversaries, divorce parties, wedding invitations, themed weddings, bought a new car, will you marry me balloons, etc etc.

So we have been printing all sorts of things for all sorts of people, but it seems that recently the only thing our jobs have had in common is that they all seem to be last minute, all needed urgently.  I can’t tell you how many times over the last two weeks I have heard the words – ‘Sorry, but I need the balloons for Friday’.

Who knew the life of a balloon printer could be so stressfull 🙂  But at the end of the day we have managed to keep on top of it all, and all of the balloons have gone out in time.

None found.

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