We recently provided printed balloons and helium gas for a new client, June from Sunflower Fest, A bit last minute but we were able to do our best and were able to deliver their personalised printed balloons to their stand in the Mall at Bow Street Mall in Lisburn.

Printed Balloons in use by Sunflowerfest

Printed Balloons in use by Sunflowerfest

The photo shows some of our balloons in use, they had only managed to inflate a couple at this point.  You’ll see a few people in the shot, the guy sitting down and the one at the back on the right are artists who were conscripted in to do some facepainting, their first time at that so I’m hoping it went well for them.

The other two guys are musicians who were playing the guitar and, believe it or not, the ‘Stylophone’.  I have horrible dissapointing memories of the poor tinny sounds I got from one of these things that I’d got as a child.  To be honest this sounded nothing like my attempts, this guy obviously new what he was doing with it.  One of the tunes they played while I was there was Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, very unusual hearing it in the different instruments but very cool.

You’ll notice that June has legged it out of the photo 🙂 she must be shy.  June and the guys were in Bow Street mall to promote a new festival Sunflower Fest, I have copied some info from their Facebook page to describe it properly


Sunflower Fest 2010 – A brand new event on Northern Ireland’s festival and gig calendar – a fantastic weekend of live music, arts and great food in a welcoming (and family-friendly) atmosphere, which we are sure will match that of any other festival this summer. Plus, it’s for an amazing cause – all profits will go to the Haitian Earthquake Victim Relief.

Set in beautiful rustic countryside a mere 3 miles from Lisburn City Centre and 10 miles from Belfast, “Tubby’s Farm”, just outside Hillsborough, is the perfect setting for this new festival. A real, working farm which produces fine jam, and of course Sunflowers – hence the name! Tubby’s Farm is at 31 Cabra Road, Legacurry, Hillsborough, BT26 6NB.

Held over three-days, from Fri-Sun 20-22nd August, our goal is to do the right thing: that is, to create a reasonably priced summer festival, providing an overwhelmingly positive, comfortable and fun experience for both attendees and musicians. Showcasing some of Northern Ireland’s finest bands and artists, as well as some guests from the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with two stages – one outdoors and the other indoors, you can expect to hear music of all styles and genres – the one common denominator being quality live performances.

Sunflower Fest also celebrates the best in organic food and drink. Expect some delicious, home grown, locally made produce to delight your taste buds and wash it all down with a drink from the Bar Burgundy Beverage Bothy!


There are a lot of bands playing at the festival including

Friday 20th August (4pm – late) Rams’ Pocket Radio, Ashanti (Belfast), Phoenix Fire, Silhouette, Kyle John Suckling & Band, Dutch Schultz, The Everyday Superheroes, Deadlights, Press The Flesh and more.

Saturday 21st August (12pm –late) Mojo Fury, More From Jim (Scotland), Sweet Savage, Pay*ola, Pocket Billiards, Swanee River, Bandwagon, Intermission, Strait Laces, The Dead Presidents, Invinyl, Last Known Addiction, Uber Gliteratti, R51, Katie & The Carnival

Sunday 21st August (afternoon show 12pm – 6pm) Clown Parlour, Nasa Assassin, Aaron Shanley, Indigo Fury, Red Hot Roosters, Pat D. Smyth & Band, Naiomh O’Hagan, Malaika, Steven McCann, Cream Carousel, Edentown

So you might wonder where the ‘Sunflower’ part of it all comes from, as far as I know Tubby’s farm grows Sunflowers, so thats simple.  Thanks to June for the beatiful bunch of sunflowers sitting in my Kitchen.


Sunflowers from Sunflowerfest

Sunflowers from Sunflowerfest

Sunflowers from Sunflowerfest

Anyway thats it for now.  Now go check out Sunflowerfest, it’s for a good cause

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