What Type Of Balloons Do You Print Onto?

5 balloon Bouquet behind top table at wedding
Image by Jim Campbell’s Photos via Flickr

We print onto latex balloons ourselves, there are two main types a decorator quality balloon and a high quality promotional balloon.  We can also get foil balloons printed, we currently don’t print these ourselves but we will be in the future.

Decorator Balloons
The decorator balloons are very good quality balloons, they will normally be 11″ diameter Qualatex brand balloons but you can if you wish request Anagram brand balloons.  If you are a balloon professional you will already know that it is important to use good quality balloons, and with these two brands you will be getting balloons which have a high consistency of colour and shape/size between balloons of the same colour and between colours.  Non balloon professionals may not see the benefit of using professional products such as these, but when used properly they will make all the difference to your balloon decor for weddings, parties and corporate events

Promotional Balloons
Our decorator balloons are very good quality but to be honest we don’t recomend them for formal decor such as weddings, and corporate events where the overall look of the decor is important.  Our 12″ diameter promotional balloons are outstanding for use as promotional giveaways or for ‘informal’ decor, thats the ‘balloon here and there’ type of thing or ‘a few balloons to decorate a display’.  The main thing about balloons in this category is that you are able to inflate them quickly, tie them easily, and that they are of a good enough quality not to pop too many.  We printed over 100,000 of these balloons in the last year and have found them to exceed our expectations.  We inflate a lot of balloons for our clients and find that these balloons are easy to work with and cause very few problems for us.

Balloon Sizes
The normal Decorator balloons are 11″ diameter, however they are also available in a range of other sizes that we can also print onto such as 5″, 16, 2 foot and 3 foot diameter, we can also print onto 6″ and 11″ heart shaped balloons.
The Promotional balloons are 12″ diameter (they will actually inflate to 12″ diameter unlike a lot of other balloons that are described as 12″ but won’t inflate to that size)

Balloon Colours
The different ranges of balloons come in a range of different colours, there is a colour chart available on the website.  The Decorator quality balloons are normally Pearl Tone balloons (shiny finish), but are also available in Standard colours (matt finish), Jewel Tone (see through) colours and also Neon colours (light up under ultra violet lights)
The promotional balloons are mostly available in standard colours (matt finish), but they are also available in metallic colours (shiny finish)

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