Will You Fill My Balloons With Helium?

A question we are asked, at least once a week, goes along the lines of this; I bought some balloons on the internet and I need helium to inflate them, can you do this for me?

Uninflated Sale Balloons
Uninflated Sale Balloons

Our answer is normally ‘Yes, we can’, ‘probably’.

I know, it is a bit of a fuzzy answer, Yes we can, but maybe we can’t, what’s that all about 🙂

We don’t have a problem filling balloons for people that have bought the actual balloons from someone else, but there are a few conditions on that, i’ll list them below, but please bear in mind that it isn’t a comprehensive list, there may be things that could be an issue that I haven’t thought of as I write this.

Reasons We May Not Be Able To Inflate Your Balloons

  • 1/ Cost – For the likes of foil balloons and some speciality balloons we will discount the cost of the balloon at our wholesale price, this will be much less than you have paid for it, so do bear in mind that buying online probably isn’t going to save you money.
  • 2/ Balloon Quality – For foil and some speciality balloons, if the balloons don’t have a CE mark on them then we can’t help, The CE mark lets us know that a balloon is of a suitable standard, isn’t toxic, or harmful etc
  • 3/ Balloon Size – Many balloons are tiny or just small, if we were to fill them with helium then they are not going to float for very long, for example a balloon filled to 9″ diameter is only going to float for up to about 10 to 12 hours, but it will be past its best within 5 to 6 hours (not that a 9″ diameter balloon can be considered as having a ‘best’)
  • 4/ Printed Balloons – Whether these are personalised or pre-printed designs they need to be printed neck down or when they are inflated they will appear to be upside down
  • 5/ Helium availability – Sometimes helium is hard to get, or we are running short of supplies. In this case, we will give priority to clients who have purchased their balloons from us.
Inflated Sale Balloons
Inflated Sale Balloons


An alternative is to hire a cylinder of gas from us, but this is really only suitable if you want to inflate large quantities of balloons, our gas cylinders are industrial sizes and the smallest will inflate in the region of 125 balloons.

The last option is to buy a disposable cylinder, we don’t hold them as stock but we can normally get them fairly easily. However, I would only recomend these as a last resort as they are expensive and to be honest not very good.

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