How To promote Your Business With Printed Balloons

5 ways to increase the effectivness of your promotions and sales, without breaking the bank.

You will obviously have your own goals and targets for your sale or promotion, but to generalise it will come down to you wanting to either Selling more stuff or Increasing awareness of your message, whatever that may be.  There are basically 5 different was that you can use printed balloons to achieve these goals

1.  Let more people know about your event

Balloons being carried around the Abbeycentre

Balloons being carried around the Abbeycentre

No matter how much advertising you have done, TV, radio, newspapers etc you will not be able to guarantee that your prospective customers will know that you are open for business, or running a sale or have a message to share with them.  You can put up signs, or have staff approaching people directly, but that will only work to a certain extent.  What you need is something that will make people think ‘Oh, there must be something going on at 123-fashions’ or ‘Hey, they are giving 15% off at Carpet Warehouse’.

When you give out personalised balloons, it is like letting out a little army of billboards bobbing about your target area, everyone will look at them and read your advert.  £ for £ you’ll not get better value for money.

2.  Attract more people to your event

When you are handing out free balloons, assuming you have a mixed crowd available, you will get a steady stream of people queing up for one.  Once people have approached your shop/stand/pitch then they are more likley to talk to you or buy from you.

3.  Use the captured audience

Following on from point 2, If you have a queue of people waiting for a balloon then that is a perfect time for your staff to talk to them. not in a “Attack mode – Hard Sales” way, but in a more “gentle & helpfull” way.  If you are asking questions like ‘Have you heard about the new play on at the Ritz’ or ‘let me explain how you can save money on your next car’ (obviously use your own lines, these ones would be pretty poor if you were selling cosmetics or promoting a festival 🙂  )

4.  Capture your audiences details

Another option is to say to people who you give a balloon too “Now go and enter our competition, you could win an iPod (insert your prize of choice)” and point them twoards the table with the entry forms on it, with the big picture of an iPod sitting on it.  Most people will go and fill in the form, and there you go a prospect list that you can contact or send newsletters to, or whatever you want.

5.  Encourage people into your premises

If you are running a sale in a shop, you’ll probably want lots of people to come into the shop to see the great deals!  So you pug a few big bunches of balloons at the door and when people ask for one you direct them to the member of staff at the back of the shop who is giving them out, the people are now going to browse a little in your shop as they wait.

So these are some of my thoughts on how you can use  printed balloons to promote your Business, if you have any good ideas then please leave a comment below and let me know, you could even leave a comment even if you don’t have any ideas.

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